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Fully automatic bowling coaching system with

Welcome New Strike Seeker Installations

Welcome to Dean Buchanan of the Off Broadway Bowling Academy in Snohomish, WA.

Dean is using a portable Ultimate College Coaching System built on a Strike Seeker Platinum Edition system to foster and develop the interest, talents and competitive abilities among amateur bowlers of all ages and prepare them for higher level competition.
Trade Show Schedule
Want to see Strike Seeker in action at a local trade show and get answers to all of your questions straight from the developer?

Strike Seeker will be exhibiting at several shows across the country this summer.  Locations marked with Demo will have on-site demonstrations or at a nearby bowling center.
June 8
DiLaura Brothers in Sterling Heights, MI (Demo)
June 21-22
BowlExpo in Nashville, TN
July 17
Bowling Centers Assn of Michigan in Lansing, MI
July 27-28
GRAN PRIX in St. Louis, MO (Demo)
August 5
Steve Cook in Sacramento, CA (Demo)
August 7
Steve Cook in Riverside, CA (Demo)
Contact Strike Seeker for booth numbers, locations and directions.
What Coaches are Saying About Their Systems

Ernesto Avila
PABCON Master Coach
USBC Silver Coach
Portable Strike Seeker Gold Edition Owner
"Strike Seeker is a coaching system that combines the best of two worlds providing both video and measurement data for every shot.  We have been able to align the swing of our bowlers in less than an hour!  This is a 'Must Have' system for high level bowling programs."
Tip of the Month
Drawing Tools

Strike Seeker provides up to four different camera views of the bowler and one of the lane and ball path.  In addition to simply showing the video to your students, you can draw a variety of shapes on top of the pictures to help the student see your instructions clearly.

Choose from rectangles, circles, lines, and angles.  Each basic shape has several options like rotated rectangles, circles with central dots, or arrow heads on lines.
  • Each camera view can have as many drawings as you need.
  • Each camera view retains its own set of drawings, even when you change camera views.
  • Drawings stay with the camera until you erase them (great for setting visual targets and checking changes from shot to shot).
  • Zoom in and out and the drawings stay where you put them on the scene.

A complete description of each drawing tool and how to use it can be found on the Strike Seeker wiki page.
Featured Strike Seeker System
The Ultimate Automatic Self Practice System
While most powerful in the hands of a coach, Strike Seeker is also an ideal tool for the lone bowler to practice with on their own. The Silver Edition Strike Seeker system that this package is based on is the perfect combination of automatic data, simplicity of use, and affordability.  With one camera dedicated to ball tracking and a premium camera dedicated to bowler replays, just walk up and bowl without any setup required.  The included recording box can be used to capture the video from a practice session directly to USB drive for later review.

This system is the best choice for dedicated individual bowlers who want the ability to self-coach or for bowling centers to up-sell practicing bowlers and increase lane rental rates. Full details and pricing can be found on the Strike Seeker web site.

Customization is available to fit your needs and your budget.

Last Chance for 2016 Pricing!
New prices for all Strike Seeker hardware packages will take effect on June 1, 2017.

Orders placed by May 31, 2017 will receive the current 2016 level prices.
Beat the price increase by ordering your Strike Seeker system today!

Software licensing prices will not change in 2017.

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Strike Seeker sales:
    Main:  224-595-8998
    [email protected]

Strike Seeker systems are distributed by:
DiLaura Bros. Bowling Supply
    Detroit   1-800-322-5091
Steve Cook - GRAN PRIX Bowling Supply
    St Louis    1-800-333-2695

    Sacramento    1-800-640-2695