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Welcome New Strike Seeker Installations

Welcome to Spectrum Lanes in Grand Rapids, MI!

Spectrum Lanes will be installing their Ultimate College Coaching System built on a Strike Seeker Platinum Edition system in the month of January.  They plan to use it both for college coaching as well as for premium priced lane rentals for self-practice.
New Features
Strike Seeker keeps getting better, with many thanks to customer requests for specific features that they need. This month's spotlighted software feature comes from Donna Conners at Carol Stormin' Norman's Pro Shop in Houston, Texas.  Thanks Donna!
Selectable Slow-motion Replays

Strike Seeker automatically shows video replay loops after every shot. Until now the videos would always play back at normal, full speed. It can be helpful to watch the video in slow motion to look for more subtle details during the playback. Now the user can choose either full speed, half speed slow motion or quarter speed slow motion video replays.

Half speed replays look particularly nice when paired with a premium camera that records at 60 FPS. The slow motion then looks very fluid since there are plenty of video frames to show at the slower speed. All three playback speed settings can be used with either standard webcams or premium cameras.

Since Strike Seeker repeats the replay videos several times, another related new feature is the option to automatically alternate between slow-motion replays and full speed replays. This is very nice to have especially for self practice sessions where the bowler does not have a remote control to switch between slow and fast video replay speeds.
What Coaches are Saying About Their Systems

Andy Diercks
USBC Silver Coach
Head Coach
Mount Mercy University
"Strike Seeker is the single greatest addition I have made to my coaching tools since the camera.  It has revolutionized how we train individuals on lane play techniques as well as how our team plays lanes together.

The effortless immediate video and data feedback are invaluable both to the student and to the coach alike.  It is no longer an issue of criticism or perspective when it comes to coaching lane play. It helps bowlers' accountability and focus, and documents progress.

We use Strike Seeker to assess a host of skills when evaluating our team on zonal proficiency, speed control, launch angle control, and overall shot repeatability."
Tip of the Month
Strike Seeker has help built into it everywhere!  All buttons, icons, and other controls will give you a tip on how to use them by simply moving the mouse pointer over it on the screen and waiting one second.

If you want more detailed information about every control visit the Strike Seeker wiki online.
Featured Strike Seeker System
The Ultimate Pro Shop Coaching System
This complete, fully loaded Gold Edition Strike Seeker system is configured specifically for the pro shop coach who wants to provide a better experience for the student and help them get the most out of every lesson. The Gold Edition offers the features that coaches need to improve communication with students while providing either two simultaneous views of the bowler or one view of the bowler and one view of the pin action.  It includes a recording box and microphone that can be used to record the complete session directly to a removable USB drive for students to take with them at the end of the lesson.

This system offers the best mix of advanced features, affordability, and value to bowlers when used both with and without a coach. Full details and pricing can be found on the Strike Seeker web site.

Customization is available to fit your needs and your budget.

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